Ponds and water features

Planning to install a pond or water feature in your garden? We offer a comprehensive service installing and maintaining ponds to our customers in Dorchester, Bridport, Weymouth and Wareham and the surrounding area. From wildlife ponds to cascading water features, we can help to turn your garden into a living and vibrant green space.

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Pond and Water Garden services

A pond or a water feature in a garden not only attracts water-loving creatures such as frogs, toads and newts but also provides a vibrant green habitat attracting birds and insects. At A La Ronde Landscapes we have a wide knowledge of how best to attract these creatures in the first place, and how to encourage them to reproduce in your pond.

Enhance your garden with a water feature

A water feature can add elegance and tranquillity to your property, and help bring the sound of nature right to your doorstep (many birds and insects are attracted by water). We can also supply the right plants for your pond and the surrounding area. If you’re not sure what’s the best option is for your garden, we can help point you in the right direction. Contact us for more information.

In addition to water feature installations, we are experts in garden design and landscaping.

We can install the following:


Wildlife ponds

Cascading water features

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